eGovernment automation solution

Process Automation is the Future of eGovernment.

Using nothing but the sound of our voice, we can play music, turn on lights, search the web, create to-do lists, shop online, get instant weather reports and set our thermostat to a comfortable 68 degrees. We’re officially living in the future. Home Automation Systems are just one of the technological advances we experience today. Long gone are the days of watching the news and patiently waiting for the weather segment, writing a shopping list and juggling groceries while trying to hit the light switch. One-by-one processes that used to be manual are becoming automated.

Is your municipality still living in 1985? Are you knee deep in paper processes with overflowing filing cabinets? Paper? Where we’re going, you don’t need paper. It’s time to grab your hoverboard and head to the future where everything is intuitive, responsive, automated. The future of eGovernment is CivicXpress.

CivicXpress Will Blast You into the Future

Built with the today’s technologies in mind, CivicXpress uses digital smart forms and workflows to simplify and collect data, streamline communication and automate tasks such as planning, permitting, inspections and code enforcement.

The typical CivicXpress process usually flows as follows:

  • We take your paper forms and turn them into digital smart forms.
  • Citizens, vendors or contractors fill the forms with relevant data and hit “Submit”.
  • A workflow is initiated that creates the ideal experience for all parties including the ability to view, track, share and report on any activity inside the CivicXpress platform.
  • Citizens are able to access their information on their own timeline, 24/7, from their office or their home while wearing their pajamas!

e-Government Process Automation

The value of automated processes isn’t just about convenience. eGovernment solutions, such as CivicXpress, can result in many benefits for the municipality, including:

  1. Increased Organization & Collaboration. Notes, emails, and conversations around the water cooler are a good way to discuss upcoming projects or tasks but are terrible for organized collaboration. CivicXpress enables your municipality to receive things quicker and in a more organized way. CivicXpress provides a Dashboard to view activities and progress creating a transparent process. Email notifications or messaging keeps relevant parties up-to-date on pertinent information. Each step of the process is clear and accounted for, eliminating delays and expediting completion times. Information transparency can also reduce unscheduled calls and walk-ins which can be a distraction to employees.
  2. Reduced Costs and Manual Errors. The amount of time it takes to complete paper processes such as filing, organizing, routing, archiving, searching for information – can add up quickly and significantly.Don’t forget security and compliance. You are liable to pay huge fines for failing to comply with regulations. In most cases, you’ll find these failures are caused by manual processing errors and cluttered desks – which can be avoided by using an eGovernment solution, such as CivicXpress.Labor in most cases is your largest expense when it comes to manual tasks. Yes, it costs money to implement an automated solution, but often the ROI period is short. I dare you to calculate the costs of staying manual. I’d bet the farm that it’ll add up to more than you think and you’ll wish you had implemented a solution years ago!
  3. Increased Accountability. In CivicXpress you have the ability to create an owner for each step of the process. Initiations, approvals, rejections and input tasks are all linked to an individual expected to perform an action. This type of transparency forces accountability amongst all relevant parties.CivicXpress helps identify any delays in your current process, who is responsible for each task and which tasks are taking the longest to complete allowing you to implement better processes, and even out workloads accordingly.

The way I see it if you’re going to build a time machine into a car, why not do it with CivicXpress?

Now, make like a tree and get out of here…