Municipality Forms

The Concept of a Municipality Form

When we were designing version 2 of CivicXpress (CX2), we wanted to make sure we could accommodate all municipality form types, not just planning and permitting forms. As the concept matured, we came to the realization that although CX2 would primarily be used for planning, permitting and inspections, we would design it in a way where we could essentially automate any government form and turn it into a smart e-Government form.  By doing this, we can not only meet the core mission of our application but also assist with automating any forms collected by a municipality.  These can be forms submitted by the public or exclusively internal government forms as well.

The Key is Organization

Each form in CX2 can be assigned to one or many form categories. For example, Planning, Building, Citizen or even HR forms can be found under one or many categories. Each participating municipality can create their own form categories and assign a form to one or many categories.  This organizes the forms and allows end users of CX2 to quickly find the forms they need and immediately submit to the municipality to review.

The image below shows the municipality category options in CX2. Municipalities can create an unlimited number of form categories to streamline their form organization.

CX2 Form Categories

The image below demonstrates the assignment of categories to forms. Any form can be assigned to one or many form categories.

CX2 New Residential Structure Form

One Location, All Forms

Applications should be intuitive and easy to use, in CX2 we have one location where users access all municipality forms. A user simply selects a municipality, a category, and a form design and they have access to hundreds of forms in just a few clicks.

Below is the New Form selector from CX2.

New Form selector in CX2

What’s Next?

In our next blog, we will explore creating a customized form process (workflow) in CX2. Thank you!