Planning Features:

Throw those old paper applications aside. Using current technology, your users can submit online applications from any web-enabled device. Gone are the days of reading chicken scratch or entering paper forms into other databases.
Each planning application can have its own unique business process. This provides a great deal of flexibility, while remaining very simple for the end user and municipality employee alike. Our process is empowering, without being overly complicated to setup or execute.
CX provides the ability to do online digital plan review. This includes viewing files, digital markups, commenting, and stamping. Each markup is captured as a new version providing 100% accountability and audit control. Oh, did we mention it’s 100% online with nothing to download or install?
You may link any of your planning applications directly to your GIS data. This provides an ability to then view a complete history of activity for any one address in CX. This feature is also enhanced by the ability to track contacts like owners and tenants. We then take it one step further by also providing the ability to track complete sales history for an address. Although CX is not a GIS system, we provide a ton of GIS functionality including Google Maps, Street Views, and Satellite views that will make you extremely happy!
CX provides the ability to create letters for any planning application. These letters could represent an actual permit print or simply be a correspondence letter. These letters can be automatically created as your application moves through a process or be created by municipality staff on-demand.
Each application has messaging providing a detailed discussion history. This makes it VERY easy to have a dialog with your development partner without having to schedule meetings or pick up the phone. Think of text messaging for your planning applications: it’s that simple, that easy!
CivicXpress allows you to “share” your application with any CivicXpress user. Not a CX user? No problem, simply invite them with one click, now you are collaborating like never before.
CX allows you to work with your development partners in new and exciting ways. Quickly spin up a new project, invite city planners, engineers, attorneys, contractors, etc. and start collaborating before applications are even submitted. Common project management features like task assignments let you track your project from idea through certificate of occupancy.
Automatically assign fees on application submission or add fees whenever you want. Each fee is assigned to your internal accounting codes keeping your accounting records in perfect order!
Your customers can pay quickly and easily using our secure online payment system. Users can add fees to their cart and simply checkout like they were shopping for a new set of heels!
CX also allows you to do offline cashiering at your payment desk. Receive payments the way you want: cash, check, account credit or your own credit card system. All payments are assigned to your internal accounting codes making the bean counters overly impressed!