Inspections Features:

CivicXpress is a powerful inspection platform. You can create inspections for building, safety, health, right-of-way, signs, etc. Inspections can be as simple as pass/fail/comments or a very detailed checklist of items. Inspections can be leveraged by any of your departments such as planning, building, fire, health and safety, and many more.
CivicXpress allows your customers to very quickly and easily request an inspection. You have complete control over how that inspection is to be scheduled and by whom. Inspections can also be initiated on the spot by municipality employees on an as-needed basis.
You may choose to force an inspection sequence or allow your customers to request an inspection in any order. You can force a positive outcome requirement before moving to the next inspection.
Like to automatically have an inspection set to “re-inspect” based on the outcome of an inspection? We can do that!
All new inspection requests are displayed on an easy-to-use inspection assignment dashboard. Inspection requests are grouped by inspection zone and by date requested. You can very quickly assign your days’ work to all your inspectors. Long gone are the days of printing off inspection sheets and organizing them by inspectors. In most cases, your inspectors won’t even need to come to the office as they can get their assignments on any connected device like a cell phone or tablet.
CX emails a complete inspection summary to the inspection requestor immediately upon completion. This means fewer phone calls and more transparency with your customers.
You may require that a permit or form have a $0.00 balance before requesting an external user may request an inspection. This setting means you will get your fees paid much quicker!
CivicXpress can assign fees for various inspection related settings such as fees for same day inspections, cancellations, as well as for simply requesting an inspection. All fees are assigned to your internal accounting codes which makes your accountants VERY happy!
If you would like for certain inspections to be only available if a customer calls in, we can do that! The end user will still be able to see the inspection to request, but upon selection of the inspection, the user will be prompted to call your municipality to schedule.
You may assign fees on inspection outcomes. These fees can also have escalations. As an example, if somebody fails a footing inspection you assess a failed fee of $100 on the first fail, $250 on the second fail and $500 on the last fail. CivicXpress keeps track of everything and assigns these fees based on your own settings which can vary from inspection to inspection.
CivicXpress is built to be used in the field using your existing technology investments. This means you can conduct inspections using mobile phones and tablets with nothing to install. We will also be delivering a mobile application to be used by inspectors and code officers for when your cell coverage is less than desirable.
CivicXpress allows you to capture digital evidence, like pictures, directly to an inspection or violation. You can also use our in-application markup capabilities to write on the images to communicate with your customers in new ways.
If you want to get detailed in your inspections, we provide the ability to cite specific codes. We have several code-sets available like Ohio and Indiana building codes. You can also enter in your own ordinances and codes into the system. You can then cite these codes as “violations” for any one inspection. You may also assign specific evidence (pictures) directly to the violation.
We could go on and on, but you might fall asleep. Schedule a demo today to learn more!