Code Enforcement Features:

You may create as many case types as you like. Each case type may have specific fields that your team collects in addition to any inspection related activities and violations. Whether generic or granular, we have you covered.
Each case type can have a custom review process. This process can control who is assigned to the case as well as what options are available for that case.
Your team can conduct inspections on the spot documenting issues and tracking violations. Learn more about our inspection capabilities by visiting our inspection page.
Have a violation, need to re-inspect in 7 days? CivicXpress provides the ability to automatically create a re-inspection based on the outcome of your inspection. Just set the time between inspections and CX will automatically create the inspection for you.
CX provides the ability to automatically create letters with easy-to-create letter templates. Your code officers may also create letters at any time using these same letter templates. Download, print, and put them in the mail. Attach your certificate of service to your case and you’re tracking information like never before.
All cases provide the ability to track digital evidence like images, videos, and documents. You may use our embedded image markup and commenting options to write directly on images. CivicXpress can keep detailed logs for each case as well.
CX provides a very powerful reporting engine. Run any one of our canned reports or make ad-hoc modifications. All of our reports can be exported to common formats like Excel and PDF.
If you want to get detailed in your inspections, we provide the ability to cite specific codes. We have several code-sets available like Ohio and Indiana building codes. You can also enter in your own ordinances and codes into the system. You can then cite these codes as “violations” for any one inspection. You may also assign specific evidence (pictures) directly to the violation.
You may link any of your cases directly to your GIS data. This provides an ability to then view a complete history of activity for any one address in CX. This feature is also enhanced by the ability to track contacts like owners and tenants. We then take it one step further by also providing the ability to track complete sales history for an address. Although CX is not a GIS system, we provide a ton of GIS functionality including Google Maps, Street Views, and Satellite views that will make you extremely happy!
You may tag any one of your GIS records as a possible safety concern. This easy-to-identify item means your team will know what they are walking into before they get there. Your team may need a police escort or backup for a specific location. It is crucial that they know before it’s too late.