CivicXpress 2.0

As we near the release of CivicXpress 2.0, we would like to introduce you to some of the new and improved features over Version 1. After releasing CivicXpress v.1 in June 2016, we spent the next four months working with our launch customer making improvements and fine tuning the application to meet the needs of a growing municipality. Although the process was not always fun, it was very informative. In August of 2016, we started showing CivicXpress to other municipalities.  During these meetings, we were collecting feedback on CivicXpress and how we could redesign it to work for any municipality. Over the next few months, we met with over 30 municipalities to understand each one’s individual needs for a solution like CivicXpress.  We listened to what they wanted in an ideal solution.  The result of those meetings can now be seen in the next version of CivicXpress launching this April.

CivicXpress: The Next Generation of Planning, Permitting, Inspections and Code Enforcement

We feel like we have created the next generation solution for Planning, Permitting, Inspections and Code Enforcement for municipalities. Unlike the traditional players in the space, our solution is being built entirely from the ground up on TODAY’s technologies.  We have taken into consideration things like a mobile workforce and the use of various devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and desktop systems. Our solution is 100% SAAS (Software-As-A-Service) which means you pay one low monthly fee for the software, support, training, and hosting of your solution. We do not lock our customers into long-term contracts, or nickel and dime them on modules.

We believe in becoming technology partners with our municipalities.  As a team, we can win together and provide exceptional services and products to development partners, contractors, and citizens. In the upcoming weeks, we will be posting frequent blogs to cover new features being developed in CX2. We hope you will stop back often to check the progress of CX2 as we approach its launch in just a few short months.

Jason Keller
Product Manager