7 Features that Separate CivicXpress from other Land Management Solutions

We understand that it is a BIG decision to choose which land management solution works best for your Building, Planning, Zoning or Code Enforcement Department. There are many factors to consider, and often a lot of time and money goes into the decision-making process. While every municipality is slightly different, we’ve met with MANY municipalities and have spent HOURS discussing this topic with key decision-makers such as Chief Building Officials, Building Inspectors, City Managers, Community Development Directors, City Planners, Code Enforcement Officers, etc. I think it’s fair to say, we have a pretty good grasp on which land management solution features are important when you start researching! Most municipalities are looking for something centralized, user-friendly, and modern. We hope you find this blog helpful in your journey!


Before researching any solution, especially a land management solution, keep in mind the almighty “80-20 Rule”. The “80-20 Rule” can help choose the right set of land management solution features needed for your municipality. The “80-20 Rule” tells us that 80% of the time we tend to use only 20% of a product’s features.

Why is the “80-20 Rule” important? First, it prevents you from paying a higher price for a land management solution that comes with a TON of unnecessary features. Second, the more features that a solution has, the more complicated its users perceive it to be and the less they want to use it.

In conclusion, who wants to waste money on something they don’t use and don’t like?

CivicXpress Land Management Solution Features


While the actual set of features that your municipality needs from a land management solution depends on the specific needs of your department, we’re certain the following CivicXpress features are high on the list when it comes to finding a modern land management solution that manages everything from Planning and Permitting to Inspections and Code Enforcement:


CivicXpress is a cloud-based solution, meaning that it does not require any software installation on your desktop or additional hardware. It is also hosted on our server, not yours. A cloud-based solution makes pushing updates easier and the environment is often more stable, fast and secure.


CivicXpress does more than add your permit applications online for users to access. With CivicXpress, each user is provided an account that they can personalize and use to complete permit applications, attach and submit plan documents, schedule inspections, make fee payments and communicate code violations. CivicXpress users will find that this feature saves them time and gas money.


CivicXpress is currently the only land management solution that provides a single portal and login for municipality employees, citizens, contractors, and vendors. This means that a contractor can login to CivicXpress and access all their permit application submittals or electronic plan submittals with participating municipalities from a single screen. This provides the most convenient land management solution for thousands of users that interface not only with your municipality, but all CivicXpress municipalities.

While this feature seems to only benefit the citizens and contractors of the world (think M/I Homes or Pulte Homes), it also a great feature for those County Building or Planning Departments that manage more than one municipality or jurisdiction.


CivicXpress works on any device (smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, etc…) with Internet access and a modern web browser. It not only works on any device but is also “mobile responsive”, meaning that it is easy to read and use on any device!

This feature is most important for Contractors, Building Inspectors, Zoning Inspectors or Code Enforcement Officers that work in the field and need access to permit applications, inspection checklists, code violations or plan documents.


Do you often need to collaborate with another department or citizen regarding a specific permit application or plan submittal?  Are you finding it takes a LOT of time to create an email, only to find the information cannot be viewed by anyone else but you and its recipients? CivicXpress fixes this issue! CivicXpress allows you to easily and quickly communicate inside the permit application (think text messaging!).  You can communicate with ANY CivicXpress user and a time stamp is created with viewable history for each comment and activity that happens inside of CivicXpress.


We offer plans that start at $250 per month with $0 upfront costs. Our training and support are INCLUDED at no additional cost.


And last, but not least. CivicXpress is built on a platform that is so flexible we can have you up and running with a solution in only 7 weeks! Assuming we don’t have a line … hurry and get on-board today!

These are some of the key land management solution features that convinced our municipality customers to choose CivicXpress.  Contact us for a demo – email info@civicxpress.com or call 614-682-3331.