We Came, We Saw, We 2017 OCMA Winter Conferenced!

CivicXpress is a new product to the government conference circuit. We just started to market it after implementing our launch customer City of Fishers, Indiana this past Summer 2016. With each conference and meeting that we have attended, we have had the opportunity to share CivicXpress with municipality employees such as City Managers, City Planners, Building Officials and Code Enforcement Officers. At this point, we’ve received feedback from over 30 municipalities and have used their input to create the newest version of our land management solution, CivicXpress 2.0. We were excited to present our solution at the OCMA Conference 2017!

CivicXpress 2.0 was built with the latest and greatest technologies. We’re confident enough to say that it is also very affordable – even for the smallest municipality – which is why it’s super important that we get exposure to City Managers that need it!

OCMA Conference 2017

So, how was the OCMA Conference? The OCMA was our 3rd conference and I must say our best experience so far!

We were provided a great spot to show off our CivicXpress banner which, by the way, is our second banner. After our first two conferences, we learned that we need to proudly and loudly display what our land management solution does – Planning, Permitting, Inspections, and Code Enforcement. It worked too! We no longer received the dreaded “so, what does your solution do?” question. I think we made it pret-ty clear this time around…

Land Management Software Solution at OCMA

Jason and I showing off our cool banner at the OCMA 2017 Winter Conference in Columbus, Ohio


We were 1 of 8 exhibitors and our larger-than-us banner provided us the opportunity to get our name out there! Our goal is that one day every Building & Planning, Community Development, Zoning, and Code Enforcement Department (or whatever your municipality calls it!) recognize the CX logo and that our solution is truly the future of land management. In our space, it’s easy for solutions to go stale or fall behind on the latest technologies. We can brag that CivicXpress is built with the latest technologies and provides such features as mobile responsive design, digital signatures and electronic plan review. We will continue to offer the latest and greatest technologies, forever and ever.

If you took time out of your conference to stop and chat, first off, thank you. Second, I’m confident that you probably found that we are not your typical sales team. We don’t take the nagging approach, we’re simply here to show you our solution and how it can help your municipality take the leap to a 100% cloud-hosted, land management solution that will not only provide complete transparency to your community but allow your citizens, contractors, and municipal employees to track and manage everything from permit application submittal through the Certificate of Occupancy.

While at the OCMA Conference, Jason had the opportunity to do what he does best…present! There were 20-30 city managers and municipality employees in his session, each one intent on listening to his session topic: “Digitizing Planning, Permitting, Inspections and Code Enforcement for less than a happy meal!”.

Land Management Software Solution at OCMA

Jason and Tracy giving a killer presentation on “how to go digital in 2017!”


What did our session cover? Jason discussed how every municipality (cities, towns, villages) can go digital in 2017. In this session, he examined a case study in which the TekDog team partnered with the City of Fishers, Indiana to completely digitize their planning, permitting, inspections, and code enforcement activities in less than 6 months, creating CivicXpress! (A huge thank you to Tracy Gaynor, Director of IT for City of Fishers for joining the discussion with Jason!) They discussed the obstacles, successes, and lessons learned while designing and implementing our land management solution.  They also discussed many of the common pitfalls to digitizing your municipality while offering practical alternatives to simplify your processes to have a successful digital transformation in 2017!

Last, but not least, the food and the staff at the OCMA were great! The OCMA was the first conference we’ve attended where the staff asked if we wanted something to drink (yes, we’re thirsty too, thank you!). Let’s not forget the donut wall. Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight? Yes, those are real donuts and yes they were delicious…and no we didn’t want to share, but we did.  If you want to learn more about OCMA, check out their website!  http://www.ocmaohio.org/

Land Management Software Solution at OCMA

The Amazing Wall of Donuts at the OCMA 2017 Winter Conference


Overall, we had a great experience and I’m sure we’ll be back next year. Hopefully, we’ll see some of you City Planners at our next conference – the American Planning Association (APA) National Planning Conference in May 2017. New York City, here we come!  For more information on that conference, check out their website! https://www.planning.org/conference/