Land Management Solution

CivicXpress (CX) is an eGovernment platform designed to automate planning, permitting, inspections and code enforcement for municipalities. CX is a 100% cloud hosted SAAS (software as a service) and includes everything you need to be successful with your planning, permitting, inspection and code enforcement needs. We offer plans starting at $250/month with $0.00 upfront costs and we INCLUDE training and support at no additional cost.

CivicXpress is built around today’s technologies and can be used on any device and any browser with nothing to install on the computer, tablet or smart phone. If you are looking for a planning, permitting, inspection, and code enforcement solution then look no further than CivicXpress.

CivicXpress is Quick.

CivicXpress was built on a platform so flexible that we can have you up and running with a solution in 7 weeks! Tell me more…

Fast Land Management software
Powerful Planning and Permitting solution

CivicXpress is Powerful.

CivicXpress was built with today’s technologies in mind and includes a mobile responsive design that works great on ANY device whether it’s a PC, tablet, Android or smart phone.


CivicXpress also works on any HTML5 browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

CivicXpress is Affordable.

No matter the size of your city or municipality, CivicXpress is made to fit your budget. In some cases, it’s so affordable that municipalities are able to skip the RFP process – now, doesn’t that sound amazing?

Affordable land management software

CivicXpress Does the Job,
Wherever and Whenever.

CivicXpress is a hosted solution that can be accessed from ANY location on ANY device
using ANY internet browser at ANY time, boom.

CivicXpress is the Smart Choice.

CivicXpress uses digital smart forms and workflows to collect, save and share data such as permit, plans and inspection results. It’s also capable of electronic plan review, digital signatures and digital stamps. So, who’s the wise choice now?

CivicXpress is the Smart Land Management software choice

CivicXpress makes it easier for the city and vendors to work together! Curious to see CIvicXpress in action?